Dua to Break Engagement or Marriage

Dua to Break Engagement

Dua to Break Engagement – To get engaged with a person is a big decision. If the person is right, you will stay happy forever, but if you get engaged with the wrong person, your rest of the life will be ruined. So be careful about that. There are many young couples who want to get engaged with the person whom they loved. But all the time it won’t be the same. Sometimes you would get engaged to the person whom you love, but due to some misconception or misunderstanding, they bound to break the relation.

In that situation, all you can do dua for breaking engagement. This is the only thing which will give you a solution to your problem. The Dua will help to deal with all your engagement problems. It covers all types of engagement problems. Do the dua until you get married. Supernatural power is always there, which will help you in your bad times. Allah or the Almighty has the power to create a miracle. He will protect you from any evil situations.

Dua to Break Engagement
Dua to Break Engagement

Dua to break the engagement

Get engaged with the wrong person can ruin your whole life. So, choose your partner very wisely. Are you going to marry or get engaged with a person whom you do not like, but because of family pressure, you are going to engage? Sometimes it is tough for a person to tell anyone that he or she does not want to get engaged. You can follow dua to break someone engagement. Here we are going to summarise how you can break someone’s engagement with the help of Dua. Here are the stages to follow steps.

Steps for dua and wazifa to break engagement

  • Every Muslim do five-time prayers in a day.
  • You have to make a habit of wake up at midnight and take a hot or cold bath.
  • Once you take your bath, go to your room with prays salah, and wudu during the time of praying. At this time, do not think anything negative.
  • Now open the Quran and check the surah ikhlaas once you complete the namaz or salah.
  • Recite the Surah ikhlaas and make dua to break someone’s engagement.
  • Now leave everything on Allah; he will help you to break the engagement.

How Dua will help you to stop the engagement

We are the children of Allah. Trust on him; he will save you from any problem. For any type, the problem remembers Allah. Visit Allah and pray with your whole heart. Dua is very powerful. Recite dua to stop someone’s marriage. For a happy life, you can read the Dua and Wazifa both from the Quran. You will get a peaceful effect after reading this. Go back to your normal life with the help of dua. No matter what is the reason, Allah will provide you full power to handle all the adverse situations.

How to cancel marriage with the help of Dua

Being in relation is beautiful. But not all relations are successful. So many relations are there where the couple part away. Some get forced to leave each other due to family. If this thing happens to you too, and you do not want your boyfriend to get married to someone else other than you. one thing you can do is Dua to cancel marriage.

 Do you want to cancel your boyfriend or girlfriend’s marriage? Read the powerful wazifa to break engagement. Follow the below-mentioned steps to cancel marriage.

  • For the first time, play all Salah. That means all the five Salah every day, and it is necessary and compulsory for you.
  • Make sure you read all the Salah. If you do not read all the Salah, your main motive Dua to cancel marriage will not work.
  • After reading recite the dua once you complete the Salah.
  • Now say “Allahhumma Allif Baiynaa Qulubiinnn Waa Asleehhh Zaataaa Bainiinn Wahdeenaaa Subuulaa Assalaam Waa Najjeenaa Minazzulumaatii ilannoor” whole heartedly.
  • Now make a dua break the marriage, and in Sha Allah, Allah or Almighty will help you to cancel the marriage.

Many people go to the astrologer to find a solution, but if you do not want to go to the astrologer, you can make dua. It is the only weapon through which you can make impossible things possible, and that is very easy. If you are in trouble, always remember Allah. Dua will bring positive vibes to your life. For sure you will get good news in a few days. Dua will give you profits in your life. To get a quick result read the dua twice a day and also call our Molvi Sahab.

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