Dua for Love Marriage Acceptance and Agree Parents

Dua for Love Marriage

Dua for Love Marriage – Love is a god’s gift and love marriage is the way to keep this gift forever with us. We all fall in love but not all love stories turn into a marriage. Only some people get the chance to marry the love of their life. Otherwise, many other couples face struggles while going for love marriage. Because their parents refuse to accept it. In some cases, one partner walks out and disagrees to marry another. Anything could be the reason.

If you also love someone then you must fight for your love. Our religion Islam also supports and appreciates love marriage. Love has a high position in our holy book the Quran. So you should save your love and go for love marriage only. Try to talk to your parents or any other person who is stopping the marriage. Convince them and take help from your well-wishers.

Dua for Love Marriage Acceptance

Along with these things, recite dua for love marriage acceptance for convincing your parents for love marriage. This powerful dua will solve your love marriage-related problems.

After applying this dua for marriage with a loved one either your girlfriend, boyfriend or parents will agree to your love marriage. There will be no problems and no blockage in your way.

Dua for Love Marriage Acceptance

This Islamic dua to get married to loved one has been in the holy Quran for years. Many people performed it to convince their parents to love marriage. It is completely safe and successful. but perform it with the intention of marriage. It will not work if you don’t want to marry your partner. You must marry your love after performing this powerful dua for love marriage acceptance.

This dua to make parents agree for marriage is divided into a few steps and you have to apply it in the same way. Be careful while performing it and follow the steps as it is. It will work if applied properly.

Here is dua and wazifa for acceptance of marriage proposal. Read them carefully before applying.

  • Anybody can do this procedure.
  • The procedure should be performed after offering the maghrib namaz. It is suggested that you should take a bath and make the ablution again.
  • Now, put the rug in a peaceful place where nobody can bother you.
  • When you are done with the above procedure sit on the prayer rug.
  • Now recite, YaAliyyu for 2970.
  • Do this for the 40 days continuously and inshallah you will get the desired result.

You can also recite the “Ya Allah-Alhamdulillah” 1000 times and inshallah your marriage proposal will get accepted soon.

Dua for Love Marriage Soon

Use dua for success in marriage proposal to go for love marriage. Here is dua for love marriage soon instructions. Read them carefully before applying. Be careful while performing it and follow the steps as it is. It will work if applied properly.

  • Clean yourself and take a bath
  • Do a proper wuddooh
  • Spread Janemaaz and sit facing the Qiblah direction
  • By reciting daily for 7,11, or 13 times. also do Darood e paak 7 times along with this Dua.

Auzu billaahi minash shaitaanir rajim bismillahir rahmaanir raheem assalaatu wassalaamu Akayka ya rasoolallah sallal laahu ta’ala alayhi wa aalihu wa sallam.

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