Working Dua Wazifa for Husband Love, Care, and Respect

husband dua wazifa

Wazifa for Husband Love – After getting married and having kids, it often occurs that the husband starts losing interest in his wife or stops showing her love. It starts from small quarrels on unimportant things and by the time the distance between you and your husband increases. Not only it affects your other decisions, but it also creates a bad impact on children.

Both husband and wife should understand each other and live happily. Marriage is a sacred bond of two hearts created in the house of God. Like other religions, in Islam also a man and a woman get married by the blessings of God. So, if anything goes wrong in your married life, you should try to get his blessings once again.

There are many reasons which could affect your husband’s attitude towards you and your choices, suggestions, and love. Some of the common reasons are the place he works and the people he stays with most of the time. A girl has many dreams about her family and husband.

The husband must take care of her, give respect, and love her. Sometimes, the relatives or friends provokes your husband and his behavior gets changed towards you. The place where he works and work pressure can change him dramatically.

Attraction to another woman could also reason he is not showing any interest in you. Luckily, there is the way in highly Quraan named ‘Wazifa’ through which you make powerful dua to Allah and get his blessings by using wazifa for husband and solve your problems.

husband dua wazifa
husband dua wazifa

Wazifa is a set of solutions from the Holy Quran which can solve many problems like wazifa for job, to get success, wazifa for money, wazifa for husband love, wazifa to control husband and for Hajat. Wazifa is an Arabic term which means seeking special favor of Allah. It is a perfect way to get back or to establish love between you and your husband. Also, you can use wazifa to control your husband and guide him to go in the right direction. 

Wazifa for Husband 

After you got married, came from the honeymoon and spend time with your husband and family, you realize that your husband is not that gentleman you always thought about since childhood. He is not obedient and fights with you on small issues. If these things are happening with you, then you can to Molvi Ji and get a wazifa for your husband.

Wazifa for husband will solve your problems and will bring him back to you. Sometimes you need powerful Dua or special favor of an Allah to sort out your problems. You need not worry about anything until you are using wazifa for husband love and respect for a good cause. 

Below mentioned is the wazifa to have respect and love from your husband:

  • Make fresh wudu.
  • Sit on the prayer mat.
  • Recite “Ya Wadoodoo” 800 times.
  • Then blow it on the rose water.
  • And then make your husband drink that water.
  • Pray to Allah (SWT) for your husband’s love and respect.
  • Do this procedure for 11 days  with pure heart and attention
  • While doing Wazifa do not talk to anyone else while doing Wazifa

Wazifa to Control Husband

As I told you earlier, marriage is a sacred bond created between two hearts of men and women in the holy ground of God. You get blessings from god and if anything goes wrong, you should seek those blessings back. There are times when the husband makes inappropriate demands or the wife feels guilty of doing some act that she should not do.

You can take strong wazifa for respect to make him fine and get back the older version of him. If the wife is right and the husband’s actions are influenced by some other person, she can take wazifa to control husband mind and try to convince him and make him obey her.

There are many Duas and Wazifas in Quran-e-Pak through which you can change your husband’s mind or control your husband. Below mentioned is the wazifa for husband love in Islam:

  • Make Fresh Wadu.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 9 times.
  • After that recite Surah Fatir 6 times.
  • Then recite this dua to change husband’s mind.

“Yaa Ka Inaan Qaablaa Kulli Shay-in Waa Yaa Mukawwinaa Kulli Shay In Waa Yaa Baqiya Baa’da Kulli SHai In Salli Alaa Muhammadin Wa Ahli Baytihi Wa Fa’lbee”

  • Recite it 49 times.
  • In the end, recite Durood Shareef 9 times.
  • Pray to Allah (SWT) to calm your husband and get his control.
  • Do this process for 10 days and In sha Allah your wish will be fulfilled.

Wazifa for Husband Love

Small arguments if not concerned can lead to big quarrels and can lead to long-term partition and even divorce. It can also have a bad impact on your children as they learn the thing from you. To overcome this problem, you can use a simple and compelling wazifa for husband love named ‘Durood-E-Taj’ Sharif. You can pray for your happy married life and god will remove the differences between you and your husband.

Misunderstanding can also affect your love and the attraction of your husband towards other women. If your husband is not satisfied with you or you fight with him, then he will search for someone else to be comfortable with. Ya Allah wazifa for husband love with faith in Allah can solve these problems instantly and bring happiness in your married life.

There should be a mutual understanding between husband and wife, and both should respect each other’s decisions. You can’t dominate your wife every time and you cannot disrespect her if she is loving and caring. Ya wadoodo wazifa for husband love can solve her problems and brings happiness and peace in couple’s life.

Wazifa of Durood-e-Taj for husband’s love is mentioned below:

  • Make fresh Wadu.
  • Keep some sugar with you.
  • Recite Durood-Taj 22 times.
  • Recite Durood-Ibrahim 7 times.
  • Then recite  ALLAH AZZA WA JAL 100 times.
  • After that recite Durood-Ibrahim 7 times again.
  • Make Dua to Allah Pak for your husband Love.
  • Blow it on sugar and make your husband have that sugar in tea or in something else.
  • Do this procedure with a pure heart and within a few days, you will see results. You can also contact our Molvi Sahab for better results.
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