Namaz E Hajat for Love Marriage

Marriages are a holy occasion. Where God chooses your partner, it is a connection between two souls. Marriages are two types. Both Love and arrange marriage. In arrange marriage, the bride and groom do not know each other from earlier. But in a love marriage, both the bride and groom know each other very well. Most of the current generation prefer love marriage because they know each other very well. So after marriage, they won’t feel any hesitation, or moreover, they don’t face any awkward situation.

But not every love story gets their success. Some love birds marry each other, but many couples are there who cannot marry their love because of some issues. Most of them face a family problem. Might be the girl’s family does not agree with their relationship, or similarly one of them does not want to get married. At this moment the one person who can help you is Allah. Read the namaz e hajat for love marriage daily, and you will get your result.

Salatul Hajat for Love Marriage

Marriages are always a memorable experience for everyone. It is a blessing from Allah. It is important to find a real soulmate in your life. When you get a real soulmate, you can stay happy forever, but if you choose the wrong person, your life will be hell. Do not marry under the pressure of your family. It is your life, and you have the full right to take the decision of your own. In fact, if you want to do love marriage then go for it. Just pray to Allah. He is the only one who can guide you properly.

Whether it is a love marriage or arrange, you have to find a good soulmate for you. Who is right for you, he or she can be a divorcee too. If the person is perfect, you can deal with any situation in your life finally. If you are looking for a good partner and want to have a love marriage, you can do dua e hajat for love marriage.

Pray to Allah for love marriage

namaz e hajat for love marriage
salatul hajat for love marriage

Marriages are a tough decision in your whole life. It is not the only relation between two people but also two families. When both families come together, it becomes a holy relation. Each family shares their child with others. We say we become modern and we live in a modern age. But do we really live a modern life? It is tough to say no. Because arrange marriages are natural, but in the case of love marriage, most people face an issue during their love marriage. To overcome the situation, you can have salatul hajat for love marriage.

Rituals to observe for namaz e hajat for love marriage

  • On every Monday after observing the Ishanamaz, do the 1 Salaam and 4 Rakat
  • Now pray to the Almighty to grant your prayer
  • First, do Rakat, then read the Surah Fatiha, next recite Surah ilhlas for 15 times.
  • Now recite the Rakat, then read the Surah Fatiha and lastly Surah Ikhlas 24 times
  • Thirdly recite the Rakat, then read the Surah Fatiha and lastly Surah Ikhlas 39 times
  • For recite the Rakat, then read the Surah Fatiha and lastly Surah Ikhlas for 29 times
  • Recite the Surah Ikhlas 78 times
  • Now for 89 times following the IstaghfarAllahumAig-fr-Li
  • Last but not least, read the Darood Sharif for73 times.

Make Dua e hajat for your love marriage

After observing all the rituals for namaz e hajat for love marriage, pray to Allah with your whole heart. For sure, Allah will do magic to grant your desire, and you will see a miracle in front of your eyes. For Allah, we are his children. Finally, he will never make us suffer; he will fulfill all your desire and make us happy. But for that, you have to pray from your heart. Do good with people, Allah will do good with you.

You will find many astrologers and religious consultants or advisors who will give you a suggestion for dua e hajat for love marriage. If necessary, you can consult with the Moulvi or the astrologer. He can guide you to perform your task. You will soon meet your partner whom you can marry. Marriage is a big decision, so take it both wisely and calmly. Do not take any decision in a hurry. For any kind of marriage-related issue, observe salatul hajat for love marriage. Further we humans are just actors the original director is Allah. Pray to him with all your whole heart, and he will never refuse back.

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